Putting your energy in the right place

How it works

how it works
Roof array

Rooftop solar

Roof array

Ground mount solar

Roof array

Outbuilding solar

how it works

All solar is guaranteed for 25 years

Net Metering

Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. The goal here is to end up at NET ZERO. In other words, you want to have the right amount of panels so that you make as many credits as you use.

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How to Pay For It


Don't have the cash up front to pay for the system? No problem! With no down payment you can finance your solar. We have searched high and low to find the best solution and have four different options to choose from. In many situations, the monthly bill is either at or below your average electricity bill.


By fronting the cost at the beginning you reap the best possible benefits of your solar purchase. All you need is a quote to find out the Return on Investment and to discover exactly how much you will save over 25 years.

Savings Visualized

Solar benefits


Edmond installing solar panels

After training with solar industry professionals and electricians, Edmond gained his Limited Renewable Technician Certificate in Oregon before returning home to Kansas to serve his community working as a Lead Solar Installer in the greater Kansas City area. Ra Power LLC hopes to provide Lawrence with renewable energy alternatives for your home.

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